With Business In Mind

My profession has emerged through a number of twists and turns. I’ve always been passionate about working with people, and seem to have had a deep intuition that for whatever reasons, we human beings don’t always engage fully with our lives and our work without a little help on the way.

I have worked in community work, social work, teaching adults, management consultancy, counselling, coaching and training. Some of my direction was deliberate and planned, some the result of opportunities and interests that I developed or attracted on the way. For many years now I have worked with organisations to provide in house coaching and training, supporting culture development, models of leadership and reminders in how people might get the best from each other and therefore provide the best service for their business. One of my passions is in supporting the provision of the psychologically informed environment, and working with agencies who support people in our societies who have fallen through the ever widening cracks.

To know more about what I offer in business environments, you might want to visit my company website: Your Business in Mind