Open House

Over the years, I’ve run and collaborated on a number of courses, from day seminars to two years University Masters in Arts and Science, and have loved them all. As I streamline to a few choice courses, it turns out that the ones I love the most are the magic of holistic NLP, supporting the circuitry of thought, language and behaviours: the spark of creative writing; and the diverse media of personal growth. I am fortunate enough to collaborate with a number of esteemed colleagues, so that we combine our energies and experiences into the mix.

I believe in the principles of fairness and accessibility, which is reflected through a degree of flexibility in my fee structures and activity. I am motivated by becoming a person of value rather than material success, although I notice that holistic success often comes when all else is aligned. In different ways, I get as much out of facilitating courses and groups as the groups themselves might get from the experience. I am enjoying finding media for my personal development, this year it will be through a storytelling workshop specifically in the context of challenging behaviour and trauma, and I’m on retreat watch to find a space to wallow with some solitude.

In my coaching practide, I integrate NLP, Tarot, storytelling and narrative, alongside evidence based processes and psychological principles. My purpose is to support my clients in developing their own map and their own favourite tools to keep with them at all times, so that they always know how to find their resources.

Upcoming Events

Life’s a Witch and then you Fly at the Vibrant Self Healing Self Connection Retreat in the beautiful Ceratonia Gardens in the Algarve

Rocking the Crone: Women and Ageing September 20th. Please click HERE for more information

Upcoming Courses

Join us for our next NLP course running from September 12th: