To some, the word magic conjures the weird and wonderful, and they shy away, as it is illogical, inexplicable, and bad. To others, the word magic conjures the weird and wonderful, and they are curious to know more, because we accept that there is so much that we cannot rationalise within the limitations of our own knowledge, so much that is extraordinary and breath-taking beyond description. Children get this. As most adults have been children, I guess that means that at some point, we did too.

For me, magic is many things, a precursor to `scientific discovery’, the opening of our imagination, the allowing of all possibilities, the urge to learn from what is around rather than twist what is around to suit our limitation. Einstein knew this, and is reputed to have claimed no special talents, merely an infinite curiousity.

All cultures embody and practice some form of magic. It shows in our faith, our rituals, our folklore, our superstition. Sometimes, things happen, as if by magic.

Working with magic for me means keeping an open mind, it means working with myth, story and symbols, and it means working in synthesis to develop potential in ways which we might not yet have imagined. I have much to learn about magic, and welcome the return of my endless curiousity. Meantime, I love the use of Tarot as a window to the heart and mind, and use it extensively.